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All our dog Shampoo and Conditioner in one are blended with Green Tea Leaf Extract for a shiny coat, Aloe Leaf Extract to soothe skin and Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils to relieve dryness and detangle coats. This tearless formula is chemical free, pH balanced, biodegradable and low rinse so is ecofriendly and safe to use on the lawn for anyone wishing to bath their dog outside (so also water-wise!).

Available in Coconut Papaya, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Lavender, Geranium Orchid Sage Orange Nutmeg, Pomegranate Cucumber, Vanilla Lemongrass, Hypoallergenic and Mandarin Green Tea.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Earth Derived Cleansers (from Coconut, Palm & Corn), Glycerin, Panthenol, Colloidal Oatmeal, Pure Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Extracts of: Apple Fruit, Lime Flower, Beet Root, Aloe Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Cucumber, Pine Tree Root, & Dandelion, Cellulose Gum, Palm Stearic Acid, Citric Acid, Blend of Botanical & Essential Oils (as listed on the front of the bottle).

Bathing Tips: Bathe your dog as often as necessary to remove dirt & allergens, dead skin cells & pests. Frequent bathing will help manage bacteria and yeast overgrowth on certain breeds, as well as remove extra hair to keep your dog more comfortable & smelling great. Be sure to scrub skin deep to maximize nutrient benefit to skin and rinse thoroughly.
Groomers: Shampoo has been formulated to be used as is, but can be diluted up to 3:1 if needed. Aroma Paws does not use chemicals which would make the shampoo dilute any further and we encourage our customers to read the ingredients of any shampoo that can be diluted further to ensure that our animals receive the best ingredients possible.

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Coconut Hawaiian Papaya with Vanilla Bean, Seagrass & Seaweed, Honeysuckle Jasmine with Sweet Violet, Mandarine Green Tea with Ginger Root, French Lavender Chamomile with Ylang Ylang & Eualpytus, Pomergranate Cucumber with Peppermint & Lemon Grass Oil, Vanilla Bean Lemongrass with Pinkgrapefruit & Rose, Sweet Orange Nutmeg with Honey & Vetiver, Geranium Orchid Peony with Rose & Clary Sage, Hypoallergenic with Aloe & Chamomile


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