Our Brands

High quality pet brands available in Australia

At Paragon Petz Australia we aim to carry those “hard to find” brands, and looking worldwide introduce high quality and unique brands to our range of products for you and your clients to enjoy. We hope you see the potential in our range as we do.

“Aroma Paws – USA”
Chemical free dog grooming and lifestyle pet wholesale products! Aroma Paws is an All Natural, Chemical Free line of grooming products for our animal companions. Their goal is to provide Eco-friendly grooming solutions using earth derived ingredients, essential oil and botanical extracts to benefit animals and the world they live in.

Comfy Cone – USA”
Better that the plastic Elizabethan collar, the Comfy Cone is made from nylon fabric laminated onto 12mm (½”) foam making it soft and yielding while remaining very sturdy and protective. With its solid material pets will no longer be chasing “ghosts” in their peripheral vision, making them much more relaxed so they can heal quicker. The Comfy Cone can be folded back to allow pets to eat and drink in comfort, or to allow checking of wounds, is water resistant and wipes clean easily. With its reflective binding your customers will never lose their pet in the dark again and, if they feel the Comfy Cone is a little too plain for their dog they can jazz it up with waterproof. Now available with removable stays and extra-long sizes for dogs with longer snouts!

“Doggie Walk Bags – USA”
We all know how important it is for everyone to clean up after their pets when out in public, but never has there been a more stylish way to do this. Doggie Walk Bags provide a range of poop bag dispensers to suit every clients taste, from the practical Duffel Bag to the stylish and oh-sochic purse, people and their pooches can proudly display their poop bag dispensers and hold their heads high knowing they are the leading the way in style. A fantastic addition to every shop’s range, and a great addition to any lead purchase to really help you boost sales and give your clients that practical, stylish and essential add-on to their purchases.

Chemical Essentials – AUS”
Specializes in the areas of hygiene, biosecurity and odour control.

•Our core product, F10SC, is the ideal disinfectant as it’s unique formulation is both highly effective across a broad spectrum of pathogens, and safe for humans and animals alike.

•Our F10 range of soaps and gel provide microcidal, non-irritant hand care for staff, while our F10 germicidal ointment and treatment shampoo provide excellent outcomes for bacterial and fungal skin conditions in animals.

•We also have the perfect solution for unpleasant odour problems, including post-flood smell, with our simple and inexpensive Adzorbstar odour control product.

Herm Sprenger – Germany”
Is world renown for producing the finest chainware for dogs on the market. Designed and manufactured to meet their reputation for quality, longevity and affordability, you will not find better. To ensure you are supplying genuine Herm Sprenger products to your clients just look for the quality mark stamped into each ring and swivel “HS-GERMANY”.   All Herm Sprenger products undergo extensive quality control and checks from the very beginning, the wire must satisfy stringent strength and flexibility requirements, it is then electro-welded into the chains that are constantly checked for breaking strain. Once the chains pass all these checks they are then plated to meet their final finish. Most Herm Sprenger finishes produce a brilliant, durable surface to ensure the chains look “new” for years to come. All chains undergo special mirror-bright polishing and dipping to remove all non-metallic oils and greases before being plated, leaving them much smoother and shinier than inferior chainware.

“Hunter – Germany”
Pride themselves on bringing many innovative, extraordinary and wonderful products with exclusive quality to the market. Producing new and exciting products for more than 30 years, they aim to make every day a dog’s day. Founded in 1980’s, Hunter are producing the best pet products on the market in Germany and now worldwide. All their products are made from nontoxic materials to benefit both owners and dogs. Designed to be fashionable and functional for everyday use, each product goes through extensive tests to guarantee optimal safety.

Extensive range of dog clothing and outdoor wear are manufactured in China, designed and tested in Finland to meet the highest standards in flexibility, durability and style. With over 10 years’ experience developing functional clothing for dogs you know they are not only durable, but they are also practical, comfortable and safe. Transferring their decades of experience designing and manufacturing horse clothing, Hurtta’s dog range is second to none. Whether people like to get out and about in the rain, snow or mud, Hurtta has the gear to keep their dog warm and comfortable, their coat protected and their energy high. All Hurtta dog clothing meets their guiding principle that a dogs clothing should be as good as their owner’s outdoor clothing, so if your clients demand the best for themselves, ensure they demand the best for their dogs too, buy Hurtta dog wear today. Hurtta have developed their own material called Houndtex®, this material is durable, breathable, water and wind proof; making it fantastic for demanding conditions and hard wearing; everything outdoor dog clothing needs to ensure a long life no matter what activities owners and their dogs like to get involved in.

Hydro Systems – USA”
Was established in 1963 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Our origins were in manufacturing pressure washers. In 1983 we decided to focus our efforts on the relatively new dilution control market, and have since become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of proportioning and dispensing systems. We also have dispensing equipment for the animal health industry including medicators and injectors. In addition to our North American corporate office, we have manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and Australia. We have more recently added offices in Thailand and France to add to our global presence in the marketplace and better serve our customers. Here, briefly, are the benefits of using chemical dispensing and proportioning equipment:

•Environmental Friendliness: Automatic dilution helps prevent chemical “over-doses” from being dumped into sanitary sewers, or other places where they can harm water supplies. Also, this equipment makes using concentrated chemicals easier, and shipping concentrates uses less fossil fuel than shipping enough ready-to-use products to accomplish the same amount of work. There’s also a lot less solid waste packaging to dispose of, too.

•Safer work environments: By automatically mixing concentrates with water, workers don’t have to lift heavy containers as frequently, reducing back strain, and their exposure to the concentrated chemicals is reduced as well. Properly diluted chemicals can also help to reduce “slip-fall” accidents by leaving surfaces clean without depositing a slippery residue.

•Increased productivity: Workers can spend their time cleaning, not measuring and mixing the solutions they need to perform their work. Training time is also shortened since workers don’t have to learn to mix the products.

•Cleaner work areas: Consistent dilution of cleaners to the manufacturer’s specifications helps concentrates work as they are designed to work. Overly rich mixtures can leave residues or even damage the cleaned surface. Overly weak mixtures can leave the “cleaned” surface unsanitary.

Klin Dog Sporting Equipment – Germany”
Are German manufacturers of quality dog sport equipment making them ideal for the professional dog trainer and pet dog owner alike. They first started producing equipment in 1977 and have continued to grow and respond to the dynamically changing needs of their customers ever since. The Klin brand is well known throughout the world and we are proud to introduce their equipment to the Australian market.

KVP International – USA”]Founded in 1964, KVP entered the Veterinary marketplace with the introduction of its Saf-T-Shield™ Elizabethan Collar. Widely praised by Veterinarians and their Technicians as innovative, highly effective and a great value, the Saf-T-Shield™ collar set the standard for each and every KVP product that would follow. More than 45 years later, KVP offers the world’s largest selection of Recovery Collars — for Mice to Mastiffs. Across all product categories, KVP remains committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality.

“Kyjen/Outward Hound – USA”
Work to solve common problems in fun & engaging ways. Whether it’s creating a smarter feeder that helps your dog eat healthier or designing a toy that can truly stand up to tough chewers, they are dedicated to making quality products that you and your dog can enjoy for a long time. All their products are designed and rigorously tested in the USA and made to strict specifications. Outward Hound/Kyjen make everything to suit the “Outward Hound” or the homeward bound, so no matter how active their dog is, what toys they love best, or what your needs are, you will find a Outward Hound/Kyjen product to suit them.

“Major Dogs – Germany”]
Products are durable and fun for both dogs and owners, and we are proud to add them to our line-up of quality pet products so you can pass them onto your valued clients. Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime. This development has taken several years of design, testing and revision to ensure it meets their demand of quality and function. Major Dog training toys are the first toys to be certified by the TüV, this ensures these toys meet the same rigorous TüV Thüringen contaminant testing as children’s toys. This testing is broken down into 4 parts, Mechanical and Physical Properties, Flammability, Migration of Certain Elements and Organic Chemical Compounds.

“Mendota Products – USA”]
Offers today’s dog owners, trainers and handlers the finest accessories available at a affordable price. Handcrafted “MADE IN THE USA” construction, using only the finest materials, ensures premium performance. Our strong multi-filament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing is waterproof, colorfast and shows no performance-loss when wet. A UV coating helps protects against decay and fading. The highest quality leathers are tanned using the “English Bridle Leather process” for durability, weather resistance and a deep, consistent color. All products are beautifully crafted and finished with either brass or brushed nickel hardware.

“Menforsan – Spain”
Have a large range of perfume, eau de cologne, shampoo, cleaners and pet deterrents, to meet all your clients’ needs. These products help dogs and cats look good, smell great and feel even better. They also supply specialist products like rodent odour deterrent and odour eliminator for bitches in heat to allow easy walking at this time. Bring out the best in your clients pets with these environmentally friendly, pet friendly products. We love them and we know you and your clients will too! Menforsan produces cosmetic and hygiene products for pets in their manufacturing plant in Spain. These products are loved worldwide and we are proud to now provide them to the Australian market for you and your clients to enjoy. They produce exceptional quality products for dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, birds, reptiles and horses. At the moment we only have a small sample of their products, but this will be expanded upon as they become well known and loved in Australia. If there is a product you have been searching for to meet your clients demands and we do not currently stock it please let us know and we will endeavour to bring it in on our next order.

Mushers Secret – Canada”
Is a dense, barrier wax, that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions. Safe and Natural – Made from a blend of several food-grade waxes, then refined according to our our own special formulations, Musher’s Secret is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog’s paws.

“Springer – Norway”
Manufactured in Norway, the ultimate bike accessory. Allows dogs & owners to ride together safely; fits most regular, touring and mountain bikes, not recommended for children’s bikes. Available as a complete unit or as spare parts for existing Springer owners. Unlike other bike attachments Springer is designed with a low center of gravity, the effective point that the dogs pull from is the bottom of the “U” in the tube. The large spring on the Springer (giving Springer its name) takes up to 90% of the force of the dogs pull without causing any excessive movement in the bike. Therefore your customers will feel completely safe and comfortable without feeling like they will be pulled off their bike, no matter what direction the dog tries to pull. With the Springer Bike Attachment there will be no more worries about the other dog off to the side, or the cat that runs across the track. Once set up on a bike it is easy to remove or attach the Springer in a matter of seconds by just removing the pin and sliding the Springer off (or sliding on and adding pin to set up); this way the bike is ready to go with or without a dog, but let’s face it, who wants to ride alone? For safety reasons it is recommended not to attach the Springer to the dog’s collar, but to bike the dog with a harness, our Mendota tracking harness is ideal as it has a large D ring at the back to attach the Springer to.